‘Kitchen of dreams’ for Forty South Magazine

I was invited by the Tasmanian magazine Forty South to start a monthly online column exploring multiculturalism on the island. For my first article I spoke to Abebea and Huweida, refugees who work at the Migrant Resource Centre’s Kitchen. They told me about their food, their stories, and their dreams.

Znood el sit is a Middle Eastern dessert delightfully named after the plump “custardy” part of a woman’s upper arm. As I bite into it, crisp pastry gives way to a luxurious, yet somehow light, custard filling. It is dusted with crushed pistachios and smells like roses. I devour it in two bites. I don’t mind if it goes straight to the wobbly parts of my arms.

Read the full article here: https://www.fortysouth.com.au/stephanie-jack/kitchen-of-dreams-1

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